Hearts at the End of the Rainbow

Hearts at the End of the Rainbow


"It is better by far at the rainbows end to find not gold, but the heart of a friend'

How very true...this clay box is created from a single cube of low fire white clay which has been hoolowed and carved out when leather hard. The lid is cut to fit like a puzzle piece. Textures and hand carving finish the piece. After the bisque kiln firing, (over 1800 degrees), acrylic paints are applied to enhance the textures and to create an aged, metallic, patina finish. A light coat of polyurethane creates a lasting satin finish.


Approx size: 4" ht X 3"width X 2" depth 


More pictures of different angles are available - no reproductions in my work - I can use the same quotes but the box is always unique so you can be assured of a one-of-a-kind purchase!