Live the Life You Love

Live the Life You Love


Live the Life You Love - Words to live by! Life is short - enjoy each moment! Perfect small box to be used as a gift or jewelry box for a ring or a necklace, a box to hold a special trinket, or just a beautiful box on your home shelf!


This small box is created from a  single cube of low fire white clay which has been formed into shape and then hollowed and carved out when leather hard. Addional textured white and red clay have been added as well as detailed hand-carving. After the bisque kiln firing of over 1800 degrees, acrylic paints are applied to created a metallic patina effect. The interior is a warm glow of golden yellow . A light coat of polyurethane is applied to create a lasting satin finish. A few Swarovski crystals were added to each side of the box to produce a bit of subtle sparkle!


Approx. size : 2.25" X 2.75" X 2"


Contact me for additional images...or maybe you would like a custom order box or small clay plaque with a special quote? I'd be happy to create one for you!