Be Kind

Be Kind


'In a World Where You Can Be Anything....Be Kind' - a sentiment we can all live by.


This small clay box is created from a single cube of low fire white clay which has been formed into shape, and then hollowed and carved out when leather hard. The lid is cut to fit like a puzzle piece! Additional textured red and white clay are added as well as hand-carving and stamping to finish the piece. After the bisque kiln firing, over 1800 degrees, acrylic paints are applied to create an aged, bronzy, metallic effect. The box opens into a warm interior of golden warmth!  A light coat of polyurethane creates a lasting satin finish. A tiny heart is added with a swirled wire to remind us that love and empathy for others is true kindness.


Approx. size: 4.5" ht X 2" X 2"


Would you like a special quote created into in a custom ordered box or small clay plaque! - message me! I would be happy to create one for you! (allow minimum of 4 weeks for creation, drying time, kiln firing, painting, and shipping)


Thanks for looking!